Kita Memberi

Kita Memberi is a newly created Non-Profit Program under the roof of Gamebrott Media (PT Gibi Media Nusantara). Kita Memberi is focused on a social mission to helps homeless people (kids, orphans, teenagers, and elders) to have a better life.

Who can donate?
This Program is planning to help those people by raising a donation from International Charity Giants such as GlobalGiving, PlanetAid, and much more. Kita Memberi also receives a donation from person or company that’s willing to give.

What can be donated?
You can donate your old clothes, such as shirts, t-shirts, pants, hats, jackets, watches, etc. You can also donate your books, stationaries, and toys such as your legos, yu-gi-oh cards, consoles, and others. We do not accept food as a donation.

Can you donate money?
Yes, you can, but donating money means you agree that parts of your money will be used to pay any tax related to The Program. The money will be used to support The Program to teach orphans and unfortunates kids (also teenagers) to study. The money will also be used to helps the kids to continue their formal education. There are 2,5 millions Indonesian children who cannot continue their formal education due to economic reason (src. UNICEF).

Where to donate goods?
You can donate your goods to:
Kita Memberi – PT. Gibi Media Nusantara (Rokan Hulu Branch).
Dusun Nogori – Desa Babussala, Pasir Pengaraian, Rokan  Hulu.
Riau, Indonesia, 28557
Phone/WA: +62 852 7134 8676

How to donate money?
Donate your money via Kita Memberi campaign in KitaBisaGoFundMe / GoGetFund / YouCaring / Generosity
Or contact us at [email protected] or Phone/WA: +62 852 7134 8676

Gamebrott encourages it’s Gamers audience to donate. Gaming Community is having a hard time because of negative stigma about Gamers in Indonesia. Doing good deeds will let people know that Gamers are also a good and kind hearted people that willing to help others.

Rio Fernando